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Welcome to Pineapple

We are advocates for the importance hospitality plays in our cities, communities and neighbourhoods. We have devoted our education and careers to the hospitality industry and it's time we start looking at ourselves differently. We have to look at our business practices and question if they are current and competitive with other industries. We welcome you to join Pineapple.
An Industry Ripe for Change
For many years our team has been thinking of ways to engage our industry talent so that they stay in our business. Unfortunately, our industry is stuck on business practices that have not been working and contributing to high failure rates and a labour force that is in constant transition.

We believe that if we spent a fraction of what we spend on design, marketing and property expenses on our people, we would be a flourishing industry as opposed to an industry dealing with a shortage of great talent.
An App Designed with Hospitality in Mind
Pineapple is an app based talent platform for people in the hospitality industry. It allows job providers and job seekers to connect. It is not the usual hospitality job site or staffing agency. There are no ads, and the app is free to download. It’s about creating a curated ecosystem that:
The Pineapple Team
Dejan Lazic – Founder
With over 25 years of hospitality experience spanning various aspects of the industry, Dejan brings a wealth of operational and industry insight to Pineapple. His career has spanned small restaurant operations, event venues, large-scale corporations, food production and real estate. His vast knowledge of the industry and connections with key stakeholders will be instrumental to Pineapple’s success.
Jerrett Young – Managing Partner
Owner of Blueprint Hospitality, a hospitality-consulting firm, Jerrett Young is a hospitality professional and an industry leader. His passion and relentless pursuit for spearheading positive change for the hospitality industry are some of the key motivators behind Pineapple. His commitment to training and development has garnered him respect in the community.
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